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DAY 1: 09th September, 2016 (Friday)
Inauguration : 0930 hrs - 1030 hrs
Paper Title Author
Theme 1:Testing and Evaluation : 1100 hrs - 1330 hrs
Importance of Assessment of Cracks in Concrete before Repair (Keynote Paper) Er. Murari Ratnam
Testing of Concrete and Concrete Structures Dr. R Nagendra
Piezoelectric Sensor based Nondestructive Strength Monitoring of Geopolymer Concrete Via Equivalent Structural Parameters Prof. (Dr.) T. Visalakshi
Testing and Evaluation of Concrete in Structures Dr. S.C. Maiti
Evaluation of Efficacy of Rehabilitation Scheme using In-Situ NDT Measurements Er. S. S. Gaharwar
Condition Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures including Case Studies Er. Brijesh Singh
Lunch Break : 1330 hrs - 1430 hrs
Theme 2: Material and Applications: 1430 hrs - 1600 hrs
Retrofitting of Bridges Affected During Seismic Activity (Keynote Paper) Er. Vinay Gupta
Behavior of Conventionally Repaired RC Shear Walls under Seismic Loading Er. G. Apparao
Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures: Causes of Distress & its Solutions Er. Supradip Das
Corrosion Mitigation in RCC - Much ADO, Some Solutions Er. Ishita Manjrekar
Tea Break : 1600 hrs - 1630 hrs
Theme 3: Specifications and Codal Provisions: 1630 hrs - 1800 hrs &  Theme 4: External Strengthening
Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of 40 Year Old RCC Structures: Case Studies (Keynote Paper) Dr. Gopal Rai
Condition Survey of Structures and Buildings Prof. A. K. Sharma
Requirement of Repair, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Concrete Structures for Sustainable Development along with Case Studies Prof. J. Bhattacharjee
Building Rehabilitation – Practical Difficulties and Their Remedy Er. Siddharth Jain
DAY 2: 10th September, 2016 (Saturday)
Paper Title Author
Theme 3: Specifications and Codal Provisions: 0930 hrs - 1030 hrs & Theme 4: External Strengthening
Concrete Core Tests: Easy to Order But Not Easy to Interpret Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Corrosion and Rehabilitation of Structures Er. Ashok Gupta
Durable and Sustainable Solution for Repair, Restoration & Retrofitting of in
Service Concrete Structures in India-Global Approach
Er. Satish Sharma
Tea Break : 1030 hrs - 1100 hrs
Theme 5: Seismic Retrofitting: 1100 hrs - 1200 hrs
Optimizing The Performance of Nano-Additions for Cement Concrete in the Long Run (Keynote Paper) Prof. Mainak Ghosal
Seismic Assessment and Design of Post-Installed Anchors with Emphasis on Retrofit Applications -  An Overview Er. Kamalika Kundu
Theme 6: Repair of Concrete Structures: 1200 hrs - 1330 hrs
Investigation and Repair Recommendations Through Cases (Keynote Paper) Prof. B. Bhattacharjee
Permeability of Concrete and its Control Measures Er. K. P. Abraham
Self Compacting Concrete with Recycled Concrete Aggregates as Repair
Material- An Experimental Study
Er. Dinesh Kumar
Concluding Session & Questions/Answers : 1330 hrs - 1400 hrs Er. Mayank Rawal
Lunch & Closure : 1400 hrs onwards


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