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Structures envisage design life of 50-100 years as per various Indian & International codes of practice. However, due to various reasons, many of them are required to be repaired, rehabilitated and/or retrofitted before expiry of their design life. The reasons may be aging with time, durability issues, upgradation of seismic design codes, lack of construction quality and even deficient designs. Many times, structures are exposed to increased chemical environmental attack or other unforeseen conditions. There are cases of deficiencies in design and construction quality leading to loss of load carrying capacity and durability. At times, seismic zone is upgraded based on occurrence of stronger seismic activities, rendering the existing structures deficient to withstand the upgraded seismic forces.

Such deficient structures cannot be easily demolished and new one constructed, because the high costs involved, time taken to construct is large and functional difficulties will be difficult to surmount. There has been a vast improvement in the techniques of repair, rehabilitation & retrofitting. Some of them are the use of Micro-concrete jacketing, concrete overlay, steel jacketing, Post-installed Anchors, Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP), External Prestressing, Friction Dampers, Hydraulic Dampers, Shock Transmission Units (STU) etc. These techniques have been covered in various Indian & International Codes of practice. There is no standardised way of repairing/retrofitting a structure. The solution depends on various aspects and it has to be tailor made to the requirements.

The process of repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting involves determination of health of structures using Non Destructive Testing (NDT) such as UPV, Half Cell Potential Meter, Cover Meter, Crack Meter, Rebound Hammer Test, Core Sample Test and Other Testing such as Load Test etc. These days important and sensitive structures are installed with Instrumentation equipments to measure health and actual response of the structure to the loads.

Conference & Exhibition on Repair, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Concrete Structures

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